A Creamsicle, In Every Color!


True Detective: The Original Yellow Kings of Comedy

The most outrageous comedy event in the history of Carcosa! An event that even Rustin Cohle would laugh at. The Original Yellow Kings of Comedy.


The very latest from us at Chuckle Factories, Weekend at Superman’s!

Forget Batman vs. Superman, the real test is what Superman does after he’s dead.

It’s like Weekend at Bernies! But with Superman! Come on!

You’re right, no human being would stack books like this.

You’re right, no human being would stack books like this.


We said there’d be a new video and we didn’t lie. 

Check out Office Guys, because every office has those guys.  Whether they are quoting “Office Space” or talking about hump day, they are terrible people. 

And come back in two weeks when we’ll have the next batch of hot, fresh, sticky videos for you. 

I just bought the greatest book of all time.

I just bought the greatest book of all time.

My Thoughts on Thor, The Dark World, or, I Love You Space God Who Lives in a Giant Organ


(poster by Ken Taylor

Alright, so, just to get this out of the way, general spoiler alert. I’ll try not to give away any major plot points or whatever, but who knows. Maybe I’ll think something wasn’t a big deal and you will think it’s a big deal. I dunno. 

With that said, what did I think about Thor 2? Short answer, I loved it. I adored it. Sure, I’ve had only an hour to think about the movie, so i’m sure some flaws will weasel their way into my brain, but this movie was fantastic and delivered in almost every way I could have dreamed. 


The Good: 

- Nearly everything. Seriously. I loved the look of the film, from the scenes in London to the ones on Asgard’s insane, Kirby-inspired fever dream. I went with my good friend, Quinn, and multiple times during the movie we nudged each other and whispered, “This is great. This is really, really great.” 

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Lifting weights…FOR ASGARD.

Lifting weights…FOR ASGARD.

The Terrifying Truth of What Ghostbusters Is Actually About

Okay, so this may shock and disturb you, especially if you are like me and Ghostbusters is your favorite movie, song, and career choice.

While you may think Ghostbusters is about a group of four guys busting ghosts, saving the day, and getting the girl, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Like, so dead wrong you could be a ghost who was wrong. 

Instead, it’s actually a movie about how the Environmental Protection Agency and government regulation tries to stifle small businesses, forcing jobs overseas and risking the fate of the planet through their athiestic anti-ghost agenda. 

The only thing that saves the planet? It’s a wise mayor who is willing to listen to his religious leader and the Ghostbusters claims that Revelation is upon them, freeing the men in khaki to save the planet from a pagan demon and the “Global Warming” spectre of the EPA. 

Despite watching Ghostbusters roughly 8,000 times, I still turned into a pinko commie, but how many people were swayed as children? How many anti-regulation zealots were converted when they were still making pichu-pichu sounds with makeshift proton packs?

Could the tide of the US’s political leaning have been swayed by a movie shot in 1984? That’s the real terror. 

Four Observations from New Orleans

1. Everyone LOVES the Saints. Like, loves them probably as much, if not more, than their first born child. It seems that most work uniforms consist of a Saints jersey and khaki pants. 

Because of this love, Drew Brees may have become my favorite football player only in PART because he’s a Drew B. that plays quarterback. 

2. This is a town that truly embraces Halloween. If you want to see terrifying ghouls on houses or hear people talk about ghosts, this is the place to do it. Also, if you want to see a rougarou (half alligator/half werewolf) this is also the place to do it. I know that’s something you’ve been wanting to do. 

3. The cooking motto of “If you can kill it, you can fry it.” I can embrace that. 

4. Somehow, despite people drinking roughly 23.5 hours a day, I’ve yet to see one fistfight. I have been avoiding Bourbon Street though. That’s probably converted into an underground fighting ring around 3 am.

For the first time since his groundbreaking Halloween performance five years ago in an Emerson College basement, the reclusive, terrifying, and super cool dude, Buzz Gunderson, has emerged from the shadows with the greatest, spookiest, scariest Halloween song of all time

From the creator of such smash Halloween hits as “The Boo in You,” “Put a Little Boo in It,” and “Baby, Just Rub Some Boo In,” and with Ralph Abeel aka “100 Grand” on the boards, may I present to you My Candy Is Haunted. It’s spoooooktastic.